Our Team


Wielder Of Stainless Steel Machinery That Magically Changes Barley, Water, Hops, And Yeast Into An Experience To Be Enjoyed By All


Known internally as “Big Pappa”, Steve and his honed in pallet skillfully guide our hopes and dreams, crafting them into an exuberant reality for everyone must experience.


Lovingly referred to as “Momma Bear”, Susan is the creative executor of everything it takes to implement this wonderful project. From the glass in your hand, to the coasters on the bar, to the shirts we offer, to coordinating the parties Suds Monkey hosts. She is the queen of Getting Shit Done!


Jen has been an outstanding taste tester keeping Greg from going too far off the deep end in the creative process of designing out of this world beers. Jen’s refined palate and love of beer has been indispensable when it comes to making beers that are delicious, balanced, fun, and ultimately super enjoyable.


Namer of the fermenters. At 4 years old Lil’ P Bear is the creative mind that comes up with names for each of our tanks at the snap of a finger.


Our newest brewery dog with a rambunctious personality the likes of which only Suds Monkey can relate. Get these two into a party and there is no telling where the night will end.


At 8 years old, Sonya has seen her share of Suds and his shenanigans. Her age has given her wisdom and she is the calming energy in the crew.