Who Is Suds?

Not a day goes by where we are not asked, “How did you come up with the name Suds Monkey?”

Suds Monkey is partly a result of the difficult process of getting a brewery name Trademarked. Over the course of 3 months we submitted 54 names to the US Patent Office. All of them were rejected due to one type of infringement or another. It was FRUSTRATING.

Some of the more memorable ones that we could not believe were taken were:

  • No Name Brewing
  • Middle Finger Brewing (I even had a great tap handle design for this one LOL)
  • Dos Dedos (got translated back to English and rejected )

Finally, my wife, Susan, and I took a day to just focus on getting the name figured out.

We talked about creating a rambunctious character. The first thing that popped into my head was the Johnson Surfing shirts with the overly handsome beach dude that always had the chicks around him.

NEXT, we noticed that we had used the word “Monkey” in quite a few of the names we submitted. So we decided to make the character a monkey.
Now for the personality.

If you want to get an idea of WHO Suds is, then think Fonzie from Happy Days meets Jim Morrison.

Last, we looked to the period when Happy Days was set and beer was referred to as Suds. So now we have Suds Monkey.

Suds is a glory days guy, who parties and rightly earned the nick name Suds due to his strong LOVE of the perfect malty elixir. Suds Monkey represents the fun times and enjoyment that comes from partaking in the world’s best known Social Lubricant.

Whenever you see Suds Monkey, you know there is a good time happening around him. He would not have it any other way. Everyone is welcome at Suds Monkeys parties. And everyone gets along. Lifelong friendships are created at Suds’ gatherings. Experiences that are never forgotten and stories that are told for generations are always in the making.

Please be sure to stop by and experience that animal magnetism that that is Suds Monkey as it draws in even the most wallflower of person and lures them into cutting loose, letting their hair down, and have fun while enjoying each others company. It is what Suds Monkey has always wanted. It’s what he is best at.