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Sparkle & Shine: We Heart Stickers Here at Suds Monkey

Sparkle & Shine: We Heart Stickers Here at Suds Monkey

In a world where expression is celebrated and creativity knows no bounds, finding the perfect medium to showcase our unique style has been essential.

Since Suds Monkey's inception we have had a strong backstory on the glory days... and you know a perfect pairing with glory day vibes... a nostalgic, sick collection of stickers... and no, not on no stinky pink Stanley Cup or other insulated vessel... even tho they work cool on those too, I guess.  

Back in the day our sticker collections were a kaleidoscope of our lives in old style self adhesive photo books filled to the brim with Lisa Frank, scratch "n" sniff to Garbage Pail Kids.  Our adhesive-backed gems told our unique story... we sometimes traded them like baseball cards, sported them on our Trapper Keepers or gave them away symbolizing a sacred bond for life!

But I digress...

At Suds Monkey each sticker holds a story, a memory, or tail (tale :)) we love to share about one of our creative monkeys or an extra special event we host.

Since the inception of our stickers people always ask who we use... and the answer is Sticker Mule.  Why? because the quality is legit.  Nice and thick. And they keep coming up with different products... plus I love love love their special deals... It is a great way to get a sampling of something new and try out a new design without breaking the bank. 

Take a look at some of our beauties below... from die cut, glitter to holographic... 

Sticker Mule Suds Monkey Stickers

So... if you need some stickers for your collection... head to Suds Monkey.  We are throwing down our new Lunar New Year Dragon Sticker in Glitter this month.  Or if you want to make your own custom sticker collection... head to Sticker Mule~



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