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Mug Club

The Suds Monkey Mug Club: Your Ticket to the Hill Country's Most Vibrant Craft Beer Community

Welcome to the Suds Monkey Mug Club, where craft beer enthusiasts unite in the vibrant Hill Country community of Dripping Springs! Here at Suds Monkey, we take immense pride in our Mug Club memberships, which have become the heartbeat of our establishment. With three levels to choose from - Assistant Brewer, Brewer, and the coveted Brew Master Level - there's an amazing experience waiting for every member. In 2023, our membership soared to over 220 members, and we can't wait to see where it goes next year. As a member, you'll enjoy a complimentary beer on every visit, sipped from our exclusive 25-ounce mugs while only paying the price of a pint. But that's not all! We'll spoil you with four exceptional private Member Parties that are always a blast! At Suds Monkey, we embrace the "Cheers" atmosphere, where you'll never be alone. Whether it's striking up a conversation with the person next to you or finding yourself engrossed in a lively discussion, our craft beer community thrives on warm interactions and unforgettable moments. So why wait? Simply ask our bartender during your next visit, and join the prestigious and ever-growing membership that is Suds Monkey. Cheers to good beer and great company!

Inside the Suds Monkey Mug Club

The Perks of Joining the Club

The Suds Monkey Mug Club isn't just about savoring craft beer, it's about immersing yourself in a community of likeminded enthusiasts. One of the significant perks of joining the club is that you'll receive a complimentary 25-ounce beer on every visit - a generous pour that you'll enjoy for the price of a pint. Furthermore, you will have the privilege of sipping these beers from our exclusive mugs made just for club members. To keep the excitement going, we host four private Member Parties throughout the year. These are exclusive events packed with fun, great beer, artisan pizza, and fantastic company. And, as a member, you'll be the first to know about new brews and upcoming events. So, whether you're a seasoned craft beer connoisseur or a curious beginner, the Suds Monkey Mug Club offers a welcoming community and an array of perks to enrich your craft beer journey.

A Growing Craft Beer Community

At Suds Monkey, we're more than just a brewery - we're a rapidly growing community of craft beer lovers. Our Mug Club has grown to over 220 members since its inception, and every new member brings their unique tastes and perspectives into our community. We believe that craft beer is about more than just the brew; it's about the people who enjoy it and the environment where it's consumed. Our club brings together a diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for quality brews. We have seen friendships blossom, networks grow, and bonds strengthen over shared pints and vibrant conversations. As a member, you'll be part of this dynamic community that values camaraderie, laughter, and of course, exceptional craft beer. Together, we celebrate milestones, share in the joy of discovery, and create lasting memories. So join us, and be part of a thriving craft beer community that cherishes good beer and great times.

Our Three Levels of Membership

At Suds Monkey, we believe in providing a Mug Club experience that suits every level of craft beer enthusiasm. That's why we offer three tiers of membership – Assistant Brewer, Brewer, and the distinguished Brew Master Level – each with its own unique perks.

As an Assistant Brewer, you will receive a complimentary beer on each visit, along with access to our exclusive Member Parties. The Brewer level offers all the perks of the Assistant Brewer, plus the chance to be the first to know about our latest brews and events.

But for those who live and breathe craft beer, our Brew Master Level is the one for you. In addition to all the benefits of the Brewer level, Brew Masters enjoy priority access to limited releases, special discounts, and a personalized 25-ounce mug to use on each visit.

No matter where you stand in your craft beer journey, there's a Suds Monkey Mug Club membership level that's just right for you. Each level is designed to enhance your brewery experience and deepen your connection with our vibrant craft beer community.

Special Experiences Exclusive to Members

Savoring Beers in Exclusive 25 Ounce Mugs

As part of the Suds Monkey Mug Club, you'll enjoy one of the most unique experiences in the craft beer world - the pleasure of savoring our beers in exclusive 25-ounce mugs. These aren't just any mugs; they're an emblem of your membership in our community, a symbol of your passion for craft beer.

Each time you visit, you'll receive your beer in this distinctive mug, offering you a generous helping of your favorite brew. What's more, you'll only pay the price of a pint. This means more beer, more flavor, and more enjoyment without the extra cost.

The experience of drinking from these exclusive mugs elevates your drinking experience. It's about enjoying the craft beer you love in a unique way, it's about belonging to a community that shares your enthusiasm, and it's about making every visit to Suds Monkey a memorable occasion. With every sip, you'll be reminded of your part in our vibrant craft beer community, and the shared passion that unites us all.

Private Member Parties: Not Just Your Regular Night Out

At Suds Monkey, we love to celebrate our members, and our Private Member Parties are a testament to that. These parties are not your typical night out - they're an experience, an event, and above all, a celebration of our craft beer community.

Hosted four times a year, these exclusive parties are an opportunity for our members to mingle, share stories, and of course, enjoy our exceptional beers. Coupled with our delicious artisan pizzas, it's a feast for both the palate and the soul.

Each party offers something unique - a special brew, a surprise guest, or an exciting new menu item. But no matter the occasion, the atmosphere remains the same: warm, convivial, and filled with laughter and cheer.

These parties are more than a fun night out; they're a way to deepen your connection with our community and create lasting memories. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our shared love for craft beer in a lively, friendly atmosphere. So, come along, bring a friend or make a new one, and enjoy a night of craft beer, pizza, and great company.

The "Cheers" of the Hill Country

Our Suds Monkey Mug Club is not just about craft beer; it's about community. We've created an atmosphere that's reminiscent of the beloved "Cheers" TV show - a place where everyone knows your name, and they're always glad you came.

As a member, you'll find yourself part of a warm, welcoming group where newcomers are embraced, and regulars are appreciated. It's a place where you can strike up a conversation with the person next to you, engage in a lively discussion about the latest brew, or just enjoy the camaraderie that comes with a shared passion for craft beer.

Our community is diverse, inclusive, and full of friendly faces who are as passionate about craft beer as you are. Each visit brings new opportunities for connection, conversation, and of course, enjoying our excellent craft beer and artisan pizza.

Being a part of the "Cheers" of the Hill Country means being part of a close-knit community, one that values good beer, good food, and good company. It's about making memories, forming friendships, and always having a place where you feel at home.

How to Join our Vibrant Craft Beer Community

The Bond that Comes with Brew

At Suds Monkey, we believe there's a special bond that forms when people gather around a table, sharing good beer and good conversation. That's the bond we aim to foster in our Mug Club. It's a bond that transcends the hustle and bustle of everyday life and brings people together in a shared appreciation for quality craft beer.

As a member of our Mug Club, you'll be joining a community that values this bond. You'll be part of a group that appreciates the craft that goes into every brew and the passion that drives our team. You'll experience firsthand the infectious excitement that fills the air when we release a new beer or host one of our exclusive Member Parties.

But most importantly, you'll be part of a community that thrives on connection, conversation, and camaraderie. You'll form friendships, share experiences, and create memories that last a lifetime. That's the bond that comes with brew, and it's waiting for you in the Suds Monkey Mug Club.

How to Become a Mug Clubber

Becoming a Mug Clubber is easy and straightforward. On your next visit to Suds Monkey, simply ask our friendly bartender about the membership. They'll provide you with all the information you need, and guide you through the quick and simple signup process.

You'll then be able to choose the membership level that's right for you - Assistant Brewer, Brewer, or Brew Master Level. Each tier offers its unique perks, so you can select the one that best suits your love for craft beer.

Once you've signed up, you'll receive your exclusive 25-ounce mug, and you're officially a Suds Monkey Mug Club member. From that moment, you'll start enjoying the perks of membership, from your complimentary beer on each visit to the exclusive Member Parties and early access to new brews.

So why wait? Join us today, and become part of our vibrant craft beer community. Here's to great beer, great times, and the unforgettable experiences that await you as a Suds Monkey Mug Clubber.

The Joy of Being a Suds Monkey Member

Becoming a Suds Monkey Mug Club member is more than just joining a club; it's about becoming part of a family. As a member, you'll experience the joy of belonging to a community that shares your passion for craft beer and artisan pizza. It's about cherishing the simple pleasures in life, like having a hearty laugh over a pint of your favorite brew, or making a toast to celebrate the little victories.

The joy of being a Suds Monkey member lies not just in enjoying our top-notch beers or our delicious pizza, but also in the special experiences we offer. From the exclusive Member Parties to the privilege of savoring beer from your own 25-ounce mug, every aspect of your membership has been thoughtfully curated to enhance your craft beer journey.

But above all, the true joy of being a Suds Monkey member is in the genuine connections you'll make, the friendships you'll form, and the memories you'll create. It's about being part of a community that values togetherness, good cheer, and a shared love for craft beer. So, come join us and experience the joy of being a Suds Monkey member.


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