Suds Monkey Cook Off Rules


DATE: Saturday, July 16th, 2022 

  1. SET UP: 
    1. Teams may set up Friday Afternoon starting at 2PM 
  2. Space Assignments: 
    1. Spaces will be assigned by Suds Monkey 
    2. Entry fee for the space is $50 
      1. All proceeds go to a local charity 
    3. We will have a roughed out map of the spots with team names assigned 
    4. Spaces are limited to 1 team per spot 
    5. If you decide to swap out teams or gift your spto to another team, please be sure to let us know in advance by emailing us 
  3. Categories 
    1. We are judging the following categories and it is encouraged that teams also cook up some pork shoulder etc. to give out as samples for patrons 
      1. Brisket 
      2. Pork Spareribs
      3. Chicken 
  4. Schedule: 
    1. Set Up: Teams can set up in their spot Friday Afternoon 
    2. Check In: Starts Friday at 3PM – check in and confirm that you are cooking in the correct categories, and pick up your packet
    3. Head Cooks Meeting At 5PM – casual meeting where your head cooks will be introduced 
    4. Turn In Times: 
      1. Chicken: 1 PM 
      2. Pork Spareribs: 3PM 
      3. Brisket : 6PM 
    5. Awards Ceremony : Saturday at 7PM 
    6. EXIT: Saturday at 9PM 
      1. We may have an option to exit equipment the following day for some who need to let their equipment cool down 
  5. General Rules and Information : 
    1. Vehicles are only allowed in are when dropping off equipment 
    2. No vehicles in the cook off area after 10 AM on Saturday 
    3. Make sure everyone on your team or at your campsite is aware. YOU are responsible for everyone on your space and team 
    4. Head cooks are responsible for maintaining a trash free site 
    5. Glass is not permitted in the cook off area 
    6. Public intoxication is a class C misdemeanor – just keep it under control 
    7. Violent, vulgar, or obscene behavior will not be tolerated. If there is a disturbance at your campsite your team may be disqualified 
    8. Destruction of private property is not tolerated 
    9. You are responsible for anyone in your space. If there is someone who is causing an issue, it is up to you to ask them to leave or get assistance 
    10. No use of bullhorns to talk with the public 
  6. Food & Drink Competition Rules 
    1. The head judge and judging committee will be responsible for inspecting all the meats 
    2. The only advance preparation permitted is trimming the meat and creating dry spices mixes 
    3. Once competition meat and ingredients have been inspected, they shall not leave the cook site 
    4. All seasoning, cooking, mixing, preparation, etc. of products shall be done within the confines of the team’s assigned cooking space 
    5. Each competition entry must be delivered to the designated location. Information will be provided in the info pack teams head cook picks up at check in 
    6. Cooks must sample their own entries, if requested 
    7. Duplicate competition entries are not permitted. Teams must submit unique competition entries for each cook space / entry
    8. Chicken, Pork Spareribs, and brisket 
      1. Sauces, garnishes, and other identifying items may NOT be added to the competition entries after cooking 
      2. All meat must be cut into 15 bite sized, boneless, pieces for judging. No slices, bone in, chicken, rib tacks / slabs, etc. are permitted with the following exceptions 
        1. Brisket may have a 1.25” slice of brokste placed in the container in addition to the 15 bite sized pieces 
        2. Pork spareribs may have  pork sparerib placed in container with entry in addition to the 15 bite sized entries 
    9. Judging 
      1. Entries will be judged on Appearance, Aroma, Taste, Texture, and Aftertaste
      2. All decisions of the Head Judge are final and cannot be appealed.
      3. Containers
        1. Each Head Cook will receive a ticketed container for each category entered.
        2. The containers are take-out boxes with a foil sheet for meat entries. No other containers will be accepted for turn-in. Ensure that your containers are secured in a safe spot until needed. 
        3. Duplicate tickets will be taped to the outside of the containers. You must tear off the ticket that is not taped down to the container and keep that ticket for claiming awards. Do not lose your number as this is the only means of identifying your entry. 
        4. Do not remove, tamper with, or damage the ticket that is taped to the container or your entry may be disqualified
      4. Judges 
        1. All teams will be required to supply a judge for at least one category round. You will receive an assignment in your check-in packet specifying when your team is required to judge. 
        2. Team representatives may sign up in advance to judge various categories; however, each team must present a judge at the assigned category and round. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from that and/or other competition categories.
  7. Awards And Prizes 
    1. Results will be announced on the Stage on Saturday beginning at approximately 6:30  pm for all food categories
    2. Trophies will be awarded 
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